Auntie Orn's Organic Home Cooking is a different type of cooking school. Here we believe that cooking is more than just following recipes, it's a way of life. Traditionally in Thailand, the kitchen was the most important room in the home, where the household gathered not only to share in cooking duties, but also to tell stories, laugh, and make family decisions together. ​At our cooking school, we do more than cook delicious food; we join together and share in the beautiful Thai tradition of showing love for those we care about through food. 

We cook in authentic Thai style, with clean, organic ingredients and simple, healthy techniques. We will take ingredients straight from the ground in our home organic garden whenever possible, as well as find them at the local market from trusted sellers, ensuring that you get the freshest, tastiest ingredients around. We keep the groups very small so that you can personalize your experience. You will learn to cook your favorite Thai classics as well as some authentic lesser known dishes that aren't normally offered at other cooking schools. We do all this at our open air kitchen located 15 minutes away from the Old City set in a quiet local village.



We invite you to join us in learning how to cook Thai the way that our parents and grandparents taught us, as a family, with love.

TEL +66 (0)87-936-8268

ADDRESS Chiang Mai, Thailand

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